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» Check Your Mortgage Credit Score - Get the House You Want


You've found the house of your dreams, or at least the right one for right now. But is it too big for your mortgage credit score? When assessing whether or not you can afford the house you want, your score is an important fact to know. If it's too low, you may have to keep looking.


» Credit Guarantee Legal System in China


Both the Guarantee Law of the People’s Republic of China enacted in 1995 and the judicial interpretation of the guarantee law enacted in 2000 are adapted to credit guarantee, but the inherent deficiencies of the guarantee law can not offer good legal criterions for the SEMs credit guarantee.


» How Your Credit Report and Credit Score are Used


Your credit report and your credit score are used by a variety of businesses to help them learn more about you. Anyone with a business need and your permission is allowed to see your credit report or credit score. In some cases, your permission isn’t even needed for someone to view your credit history.


» Building a Credit Infrastructure in China


Having a predictable, systematic approach to credit and receivable management is only recently understood as necessary in China .


» Insolvency and Corporate Bankruptcy in China


China 's insolvency regime is still developing. Insolvency remains a particularly sensitive issue in China because there many technically insolvent state-owned enterprises and financial institutions, forcing China to choose between economic inefficiency and mass lay-offs that could disrupt social stability.


» How to Do a Credit Background Check


Getting a credit background check is very important for everyone nowadays. Every time you apply for a credit card, car loan or mortgage, the company will want to run your credit and get the report. This will help them decide if you are allowed to get the credit for the card, car or home that you need.


» The What and How of Background Checking


Some information included: Since a background check is done to delve into the past activities and record of an individual, it contains different information, some of which are listed below.


» The ABCs of Due Diligence


A common business and investing practice, due diligence is a necessary and effective in preventing detrimental investments or business partnerships. Most important in mergers and acquisitions of companies, due diligence is the process of evaluating the history (productive, financial, ethical, etc.) of a company to be certain of its nature. This may include extensive research and analysis that would require a sufficient amount of time and care. Level of customer approval, productivity, public relations, environmental issues, suppliers and employee satisfaction may all be important factors involved in due diligence.


» Construction of Credit System Sees No Basis in Law and Government’s Regulation


The status quo of the credit system in China calls for the government to issue relative laws and regulations so as to ensure the enterprises’ smooth development.


» 2009 Chinese Tax Regulations for Non-Resident Enterprises


The Chinese State Administration of Taxation (SAT) has issued the China tax regulations for non-resident enterprises that do business and have establishments or places of business in China.


» Risk Investment and Risk Management in Business Industry


Smart investing includes risk management. For each stock, bond, mutual fund or other investment you purchase, there are three distinct risks you must guard against; they are business risk, valuation risk, and force of sale risk. In this article, we are going to examine each type and discover ways you can protect yourself from financial disaster. There are by now three kinds of investment risk: Business Risk, the potential for loss of value through competition, mismanagement, and financial insolvency; Valuation Risk and Force of Sale Risk. There is always some degree present in every investment you purchase. At the same time, by avoiding or minimizing specific types of risk, you can keep temporary hiccups in the economy or financial markets from destroying your wealth.


» Personal Credit is to be kicked off in China


On July 1, Shanghai will for the fist time kick off the experimental work on personal credit in China . As a result, over one million city residents of Shanghai will become the first group of the Chinese, holding personal credit record. This marks the beginning of China 's personal credit system after a long time of preparation.


» Credit Report


A credit report is a crucial document that reflects your credit status. A credit report is a summary of your financial reliability for the most part, your history of paying debts and other bills. A credit report is a profile of your financial life that's compiled by a credit reporting agency or credit bureau. A credit report is used by a lender to help determine whether a person qualifies for a particular credit card, loan, or service.


» Growing of China Credit Database


China's credit database grows by 40 million people, and is to become the world's largest.China's credit database had records for 640 million people at the end of 2008, up 40 million from a year earlier, according to the information disclosed by Su Ning, who was the Vice Governor of the People's Bank of China (PBOC, the central bank)


» China weighs credit database options (Ⅰ) -- Analyzing credit reporting system models


A basic credit-reporting system is made up of a public credit registry and/or private credit-reporting firms that function within the necessary legal and regulatory framework for credit reporting and privacy. Many countries have public credit registries, normally operated by a central bank or bank supervisor. Alternatively, some have chosen not to operate a public credit registry but rather leave credit reporting services to private firms.


» China weighs credit database options (Ⅱ) -- Analyzing credit reporting system models


As China continues to expand its public credit registry, it needs to address several institutional issues.A key objective is to strengthen the corporate and individual bankruptcy framework. Industry experts are calling for the speeding up of legislation to provide a complete legal basis for the industry. A reform of China 's bankruptcy law was debated for 10 years and only passed recently. Yet judges and relevant legal and banking professionals still have to be trained to understand and execute the law.


» Mystery Customer


Currently the application of "Mystery Customer Inspection Service" is incomplete in China and many companies learn little about it. "Mystery Customer Inspection Service" is to use the professionally trained individuals to experience and measure the service process by acting as customers in the regulated time and place, and then report back on the service quality, business level of the enterprise in a detailed and objective way. It is commonly called as “anonymous audit or "mystery customer investigation".


» Protecting your Intellectual Property


In broad terms, Intellectual Property is the intangible possession of either an individual or organization, but in the United Kingdom and in most countries around the world, to some degree or another, is acknowledged as having a tangible value. This acknowledgement takes the form of protection by statute under either or both of Civil and Criminal Law but has also developed through common law and equity.


» Catching the Escaped Little Fish


When it comes to healthcare fraud, most Special Investigations Units (SIUs) within insurance companies focus on the recipients of the largest benefits: the healthcare providers. Scams committed by this faction often are serial and result in huge monetary losses. As fraud examiners, we intrinsically "follow the money."


» Art Crime-Not a Pretty Picture


There's a significant glamour with the "Art World." The presumed expertise required to work among the connoisseurs may seem like an obstacle to the experienced investigator. But a crime is a crime whether it involves the theft of a priceless painting or a shipment of potatoes. One should conduct investigations with the focus on the crime, the evidence and the parties involved on the object.the more the better.


» Application of Polygraph in Business Field


It was in 1895 when an equipment was used in lie- detection for the first time by Ceuare Lombroso, an Italian criminologist who successfully detected many cases by such way. From then on, the polygraph tech- nique has developed for over one hundred years. The modern polygraph instrumentation adopts the computer technology science and mainly collects such physiological parameters as electrodermal activity, breath, pulse, blood pressure, blood capacity, brain wave and so on. In practice, the accuracy of such polygraph technique has reached 98 percent.


» Personal Experience on Polygraph


Each stick to his argument: In the early November 2003, an old client of Steele, Zhongxiang Trade Company called and said that they had a hot potato, required Steele to give a hand and introduced the details of the case.


» Some Warning Signs of Occupational Fraud


The economy develops at very fast speed, traps are maintained in the world. How to detect and prevent it?


» Open Source and Business Secret


Open Source is public information, data that is legally available to anyone. Most of the information sought on any subject, according to intelligence professionals, is publicly available.


» Don't be captured by fraudsters


In recent years, there has been a marked increase in so-called "financial crime", where organized criminal gangs seek to exploit the world's financial systems to further their own illegal ends.


» Lawyers and Investigator Agencies


Lawyers By their specialty in laws and forensic skills, the lawyers can help their clients win the most benefit, protect the rights to the maximum or minimize the burden or risks of clients.


» The Extent and Depth of the Investigation on Assets


Investigation on assets is an important part of business investigation.


» SARS and the Investigation in Chinese Mainland


During the spring of 2003 and at the beginning of the summer of 2004, China has suffered the unexpected strike of severe acute respiratory syndrome(SARS).


» Sleuths for Hire


Beijing likes to play the part of Big Brother. But sudd- enly China's private investigators are posing a chall- enge to the police state.


» A little change shows opposite results


Anti-counterfeiting is very common whether in china or all over the world, we can hear its voices and see it’ actions anywhere, anytime---- Everyone knows anti- counterfeiting, either aged or youth.


» Don't call me private eye


Yang Hai, a former policeman, believes China entry into the World Trade Organization will do wonders for his private detective agency.


» A Case Shows The Specialty


From the history of human development, it shows that it is the division of labor that leads the collapse of the original clan and the dying out of primitive society.


» Medical record should include


The front page of a chart should include the name, gender, age, birth date, ID number, work place, home address and telephone number of the patient.


» Investigation company's service and private detective business


Most people thought that the investigation company's service is the same with private detective business.


» East meets west


Reported by Nancy S. Barber. California It was startling to realize that the meeting with Yang Hai and Xu Jiali from China with Bob Fenech and me was all done through three or four e-mails among our offices.


» A successful Cooperation in China


I joined WAD since 1999 and took part in the Mid-Term meeting in New Orleans in 2001, I deeply felt that the conference was very successful.


» Reconsideration basic diathesis of private investigators


Along with investigation companies arising in China, as an industry, each investigation company has its separ- ately understanding on industry system and industry standard because of the easy accidence, and it also causes different executive standard.


» Stowaway and Insurance


Stowaway and insurance are two absolutely different concepts in both commercial and social fields. What's their relationship?


» Due Diligence-the Indispensable Weapon in Business of 21 Century


This article gives an overall explanation of the meanin- gfulness and contents of due diligence and illustrates the decisive role it plays in business activities with true examples.


» "Investigation Beforehand" seen through a failed fraud case


This article illustrates the credit investigation plays a role in prevention beforehand through a small case.


» The importance of credit investigation showed by an investigation case


Written by an experienced investigator, this article describes one of those typical cases handled by him.


» Due Diligence in China


From the viewpoint of a professional in credit industry, the author of this article studies the actual situation of Chinese credit industry.


» "Start with subtle points"-the basic element of investigation


"Start with subtle points" is the basic element of investigation.


» The Phenomenon of "Human Smuggling" in Fujian Province


This article is about the phenomenon of "stowaway" in Fujian Province in China.


» Essential Elements An Investigator should have


Professional investigation institutions constitute the industry aiming to provide investigation services to clients.


» Functions and roles of credit investigation institutions


Most people are familiar with "credit", particularly businessmen.


» Investigation on fulfillment ability of other side should be conducted before contract signed


To sign a contact, particularly an international contract, is a legal activity.


» Necessity of Insurance Claim Investigation


In countries with relatively perfected market economy, insurance company cooperates with professional investigation companies in claim handling has become a usual practice.


» Diversity of insurance fraud


Some people consider insurance fraud a recent thing that firstly appeared only one or two decade ago.


» About Anti-counterfeiting


The overall level of product quality has been improved considerably since the beginning of 1980s.